In this video, renowned Wall Street trader and financial commentator Victor Sperandeo and James Turk, director of the GoldMoney Foundation, discuss whether o…
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7 Responses to “Victor Sperandeo talks about precious metals and the world economy with James Turk”

  • Janak Merchant:

    There is so much to learn from Trader Vic 1 book. Thanks Victor.

  • PropTrades:

    One of the best interviews with Victor Sperandeo I have ever seen. Great
    work James. Victor has been absolutely right with his predictions on gold
    since he recommended it around $590. Amazing trader. “If nothing changes,
    nothing changes”.

  • blackswanflea:

    I like James Turk’s style. Myself I’m betting there won’t be any more QE
    and we crash and burn in deflation. I know I know… it’s just a bet:P

  • loopfreestyler:

    GREAT, thank you

  • vidsurf88:

    Thank you!

  • scatesify:

    Great, Great video. I starting to get down on myself for investing in

  • Jason Lamb:

    There are a few people in this world whom I trust, and I believe are
    knowledgeable and whom I will continue to closely follow during this
    tipping point we are currently perched on. You are one of them James, as
    are most of the people you interview. Great stuff.