If you’re not interested in precious metal mining stocks, or stocks in general — and trust me, I get it — then this interview is not for you. As we know, g…
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25 Responses to “Talking Precious Metals IN THE GROUND with Amir Adnani – Physical VS. Mining Stocks”

  • FluffyWesties:

    STG, great interviews.. but one suggestion.. please do something about the
    really low frequency thrumming in the background, I normally have a bit of
    bass on my speakers but your videos are – for the last few weeks – nearly
    blowing my subwoofer off the floor… have you done something with your
    sound mixing?

  • AnotherBoringWeek:

    It’s on my front page now. That’s for asking. Thanks more for watching

  • Silver Savvy:

    LOL YOUR NAME ON a PIECE of PAPER is Just that! YOUR Name on a piece of
    Paper LOL Not Worth SHIT!

  • halfasheep:

    An entire world electrical power out or internet collapse has never
    happened. A cataclysm of tremendous proportion would be required. I’m not
    sure what sort of state my physical body would be left in should the forces
    required to power down the planet happen?. Under severe draconian laws, I
    certainly would not be bold enough to say that this or that could not
    happen regarding PM’s.There are already numerous PM laws about the planet.
    Here in Australia, ID is required for >$5K purchases today!.

  • SGTreport.com:

    pike, I thought I made it pretty clear in the intro that this interview
    wouldn’t be for everyone and I explained why, no?

  • Hyperborea2012:

    I don’t believe that all “paper” is worthless. I think Lindsey Williams
    came up with this theory and somehow it became law with precious metal
    investors in this community. Globalists like George Soros own over 100
    million dollars worth of gold stock. He also owns a large holding in
    agricultural stock too. I doubt slime like Soros would hold that kind of
    money in paper stock if they believed there was a chance they would end up

  • davincij15:

    Common stocks are or commoners to get robbed if you want to own a gold mine
    OWN it via other means and make sure you get paid dividends!

  • Silver Savvy:

    sucks to be you.

  • Silver Savvy:

    Fools… PUMP AND DUMP PAPER. If you don’t “HOLD IT” you don’t “OWN IT”
    plain and simple!

  • shysurfer:

    Stoked .. I had brazil resources on my radar. As far as physical goes,
    physical must come from some where. Must be prospected, mined, milled and
    poured. So there is and will be a great need for mining companies, but get
    direct registration investment NOT street name registration. Second make
    sure the company you invest in has PLENTY of disposable cash on hand and no
    debt. Also 100 percent owned properties. Also you should have almost all
    your assets in physical but some in mining. Either way

  • kcrone1:

    Is this the video that you rap about “having a drug charge.” that you
    uploaded about a week ago with video of the Iraq war? Or is it another one?

  • Silver Savvy:

    yes your right we will go back to tally sticks ,, lol If and when the time
    comes and we will not have use of precious metals we are in more trouble
    than we can imagine … This will never happen.

  • SGTreport.com:

    Thanks for tuning in – James Turk coming soon!

  • sidkings:

    Im going to do some more research into this. I may well look at some
    Shares. FR.TO & EDR.TO doing really well.. 🙂 90% physical of course

  • bc5620:

    if these metals are so precious…I doubt anyone will be telling others
    about it

  • AnotherBoringWeek:

    I did a video on this exact subject yesterday as a response to Greg
    Mannirino. I have sold all my stocks and have bought silver. I only own
    physical. After the MF Global and Sentinel court cases I can not trust the
    banks or markets ever again. Adelphi closed 8 coal mines this week. If coal
    can’t make a profit good enough to stay open, What’s next? A commodities
    degree from Harvard pays less that South Dakota Mining and Tech. Physical
    will always be worth more that Theoretical.

  • civilian:

    I agree. Paper does have it’s place and can serve people well, making
    markets and transactions simpler. But contracts are only as reliable as
    those behind them. Physical on the other hand……

  • halfasheep:

    Thats why I’ve got a heap of heap myself, but it could have been anything
    practically else. I certainly don’t lump my PM’s around when making
    transactions though. I get paid via digital transactions and all the rest.
    On and on. Excuse me while and go and pray to the Physical Silver God.

  • Imakeplanesboom:

    bull yawn!

  • Silver Savvy:

    Only a moron like yourself would accept fiat in return for Physical silver
    and the statement is 100% true,Physical assets have no counter-party risk,
    and are the only true store of wealth.

  • kcrone1:

    If you’re only screaming about it’s Phyzzz or nothing, you’re pretty short
    sighted it you ask me. Paper has it’s place I don’t care what anyone says.
    Good interview as always Sean, resonated with the majority here I think.

  • MrJayFoo:

    You’re a very smart man!

  • SGTreport.com:

    no, that’s really strange – I don’t hear it on my end through headphones or
    otherwise. I do record over a phone line, not Skype though – so what I get
    is what I get. Anyone else hear it?

  • johnnieace45:

    Seems the only paper that retains its value is used in the bathroom. But I
    have no issues with paper stocks as now, but that could change.

  • pfcwar5150:

    “Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is
    the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”