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Lifetime Jewelry 1MM Rope Chain, 24K Gold with Inlaid Bronze, Premium Fashion Jewelry, Pendant Necklace Made Thin For Charms, Guaranteed for Life, 24 Inches

  • BIACK FRIDAY means PRICES ARE SLASHED ALL WEEK - THROUGH CYBER M0NDAY! Get in on the discount savings with this beautiful 1mm Gold Rope Necklace made of 24K Gold over semi-precious metals. Celebrate in Style!
  • WHILE OTHER GOLD PLATED CHAINS are cheap and fake looking; tarnish; tangle; feel like plastic; break after a few uses; or worse they look like they came out of a gum ball machine, our Lifetime Jewelry chains are made to last.  Ours look and feel like solid gold and are sold for a fraction of the cost. They are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. Nobody will ever know it's not a solid gold, and we won't tell if you won't.
  • YES, YOU CAN BUY AN EXPENSIVE SOLID GOLD CHAIN, but that's an investment. Gold coin would be a better investment, since you're saving on overhead for craftsmanship, brand name and middlemen. Would you wear your expensive gold chain anywhere at anytime? Not likely. If you did, It could be life threatening in some situations. So what's the point of owning a chain if you can't wear it?
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  You not only save money for more important things in your life, but you can wear this jewelry anytime anywhere without risk of loss or theft.  Buy it ONCE and own it for a lifetime. if ANY DAMAGE OR WEAR occurs, we'll replace it FREE for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  No gimmick. We offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • OUR MISSION IS TO HELP YOU LOOK YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST with the finest fashion jewelry in the world. We strive to match that with unparalleled customer service. All that is backed up with our amazing Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. We believe in enjoying life, having fun, and pursuing our dreams. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!
OUR 1MM GOLD ROPE CHAIN NECKLACE IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Why? We use REAL Gold (about 10 times more than standard electroplate). Designed with the look and feel of solid gold we offer it at a fraction of the cost. The ends are soldered and we use the superior lobster clasps for strength. No more fiddling with clasps that break! Our 1.4mm 24K Gold Plated Box Chain comes in sizes 16" - 30". Other sizes are available on request. BE THE MOST STUNNING PERSON IN THE CROWD! Imagine walking into a room a

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 39.99