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Silver Precious Metal Clay, 16 gms, PMC3

  • he strongest of all the silver metal clays, PMC3 clay is well suited to applications where designs will be subject to increased wear after firing, such as rings
  • Soft and easy to work with
  • Great gift for creative adult
Precious Metal Clay is a great clay to use for various Metal Clay projects. PMC 3 consists of 85% fine silver and 15% binder by weight. This variety of PMC shrinks 10-15% during the firing process. PMC3 results in 99.9% silver when fired. PMC 3 contains smaller particles, which means that it has a higher metal content and therefore shrinks less when fired. Try out PMC 3 for yourself and see how great it works. Can be fired as low at 1110F. Can be torch fired in 2 minutes. Final product is .999 f

List Price: $ 36.50 Price: $ 36.50

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Thinking Putty Precious Metals Good as Gold New 2" Small Tin

  • Precious Metals Good As Gold
  • Part of the new precious metals collection.
  • Thinking Putty comes in 30 colors, including glow-in-the-dark, heat-sensitive, and electric-colored putty.
  • It can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball, and because it's silicone-based, it won't dry out or crumble over time.
  • It's part toy, part stress reliever, part physical therapy and entirely addictive...Specs: 2" wide, contains 0.47 oz of putty
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Precious Metals Good as Gold New 2" Small Tin

Price: $ 24.95

Precious Metal: Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces

Decibel magazine is regarded as the best extreme music magazine around.Precious Metal gathers pieces from Decibel's most popular feature, the monthly “Hall of Fame” which documents the making of landmark metal albums via candid, hilarious, and fascinating interviews with every participating band member.Decibel's editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, has selected and expanded the best of these features, creating a definitive collection of stories behind the greatest extreme metal albums of all time

List Price: $ 18.95 Price: $ 10.33

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COPPER CRUSH Precious Metals Thinking Putty Brilliant Metalic NEW

  • this item is brand new in the package.
  • COPPER CRUSH putty is part of Crazy Aaron's precious metals collection.
  • brilliant gold color metal flake putty.
  • his large size 3.5" tin contains 1.6oz of putty.
COPPER CRUSH Precious Metals Thinking Putty Brilliant Metalic NEW

Price: $ 20.95

Precious Toys Kids & Toddler Pretend Play Shopping Cart with Groceries

  • Durable metal and sturdy Shopping Cart looks just like those in stores, but cuter
  • Black and hot pink polka dots fabric on fold-able wagon seat, fits up to 18" dolls
  • Highest Quality metal construction includes pivoting front wheels
  • Easily folds for conserving storage space wile not in use. Dimensions: 23" H by 12" W by 16.3"D
  • Safety tested for lead free USA safety regulation
  • Includes 23 piece grocery set
Take your shopping list and your teddy bear and get ready to shop. Our durable metal shopping cart looks just like those in real stores. Heavy gauge steel construction includes 360 degree pivoting front wheels, easy-grip handle, and a folding seat so a child and his or her favorite companion can navigate the aisles in style. There are endless play possibilities with this incredibly durable metal shopping cart. Children love playing grocery store; they can collect play food in the shopping cart,

List Price: $ 29.99 Price: $ 29.99

Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow, Precious Metals

  • Cream eyeshadow pallet
  • Sheer and luminous colors that layers and blends and glide on easily
  • Crease-resistant
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Available in 8 shades
The Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow brings you on the journey to discover an endless spectrum of luminosity. These sheer luminous color are easy to blend and layer for a new look every time. These highly blendable shadows glide on smoothly and are crease-resistant. A cream palette with four beautiful coordinated shades for endless eye looks. Ophthalmologist tested. Available in 6 luminous pallet for infinite eye looks.

List Price: $ 5.65 Price: $ 5.65

Introduction to Precious Metals

Creative work in the studio can benefit from an understanding of materials and processes, but too often the worlds of science and art are unable to share information. This book bridges the gap through clear language spoken by a metallurgist with several decades of teaching experience. Through hundreds of charts, tables, and graphs, the author explains the intricacies of work-hardening, annealing, and alloying. This is a serious book for people who understand the value of technical information.

List Price: $ 35.00 Price: $ 29.95

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The Essential Guide to Investing in Precious Metals: How to begin, build and maintain a properly diversified portfolio

Gold. Silver. Platinum. Palladium. Want more than a piece of paper with a stock number on it to show for your investment? Then learn about all the ways you can add precious metals to your portfolio. Gold and silver have been king and queen of metals for centuries. Today, they are joined by platinum and palladium in the precious metals arena. They are traded in the form of bars, rounds and ingots, tangible assets you can see and touch.

List Price: $ 28.95 Price: $ 5.00

Stack Silver Get Gold: How To Buy Gold And Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off!

Want to learn how to start safely buying gold and silver bullion like a precious metals expert in about an hour?

This 2017 updated edition of Stack Silver Get Gold is the only gold and silver investing book you'll ever need because its written by a nationally recognized precious metals investing expert and Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures trader with 15 years of buying gold and silver bullion under his belt. He reveals all the tricks of the trade that most people in the gold & silver i

List Price: $ 13.99 Price: $ 9.00

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 1.6 Ounce, Precious Metals Copper Crush

  • Famously fun putty is now super shiny as well as super smooth and stretchy
  • Bounce it, twist it, sculpt it, put it on a print and stretch it
  • Each tin contains 1.6 oz. of putty
  • Made in the USA by individuals with special needs
Shiny putty? What a bright idea! Super smooth, stretchy, and now shiny, this fun and fabulous putty is almost impossible to put down. Bounce it, twist it, sculpt it, put it on a print and stretch it, in the hands of a child, shiny putty reflects whole new worlds of play. Each contains 1.6oz. of putty in a handsome tin. Made in USA by individuals with special needs. For ages 5 and up. Size: Each tin contains 1.6 oz. of putty (each style sold individually).

List Price: $ 10.00 Price: $ 9.95

Precious Metals Investing For Dummies

In recent years, metals have been among the safest and most lucrative investments around, but they are not entirely risk free. Before you begin investing or trading in metals, you need authoritative information and proven investment strategies. You need Precious Metal Investing For Dummies. This straightforward guide eases you into the precious metals market with sound advice on trading and owning these profitable investments, including gold, silver, platinum, and uranium, as well as high-deman

List Price: $ 24.99 Price: $ 12.00