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The Most Precious Metal: Why Silver is More Valuable than Gold, Platinum, or Money

The most precious metal during a crisis is silver, but not because of its role as a monetary metal. Silver is nature’s finest germ killer. The result is that silver improves lives. It can save your life or prevent significant hardship simply by eliminating pathogens in the right place at the right time. The newest silver technology comes in the form of structured silver water, which is the most effective form of silver ever. It is changing the way we think of preventive medicine and is already

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Fancii LED Illuminated 20X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier, Triplet Glass - Premium Aluminum Magnifying Eye Loop Best for Jewelry, Diamonds, Gems, Coins, Engravings and More!

  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE FOCUS - 20X power zoom magnifying glass loupe with adjustable lens to allow examination of objects close-up
  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Aircraft grade aluminum frame and optical glass lens suitable for jewelers, watchmakers, geologists, coin and stamp collectors, photographers, and hobbyists
  • ✔ PORTABLE AND STYLISH - Lightweight, pocket size, and easy to carry. Comes with a black PU leather sleeve for added protection.
  • ✔ PREMIUM HIGH CLARITY - Best for examining intricate details in jewelry, gems, diamonds, antiques, coins, stamps, currency, photography, film negatives, etc.
  • ✔ BRILLIANT LED LIGHTS - 6 bright eco-friendly and energy-efficient lights; turn on or off with a simple switch on the side (Batteries included)
Premium Quality Magnifying Loupe
Made of scratch resistant, crystal clear glass lenses designed for professional jewelers, watchmakers, coin and stamp collectors, hobbyists, and more.

Powerful Zoom With Brilliant Clarity
The 0.6" (15mm) 20X powerful magnifier loupe is ideal for examining intricate details in jewelry, gems, diamonds, silvers, antiques, coins, stamps, currency, photos, printing pixels, film negatives, etc.

Made For Professionals, Designed By Professiona

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Professional Gold/Silver Estate Precious Metals Kit, Plus Platinum Test, Digital Diamond Tester and More

  • Enables you to test & weigh samples at home or on-the-go before you buy/sell
  • Six (6) half-ounce bottles of PuriTEST test acids- 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Silver, Platinum Testing Acids
  • DigiWeigh 600BX electronic jewelry scale with batteries, protective cover/expansion tray, instructions; includes Lifetime Warranty
  • Authentic Culti Diamond Selector II enables you to distinguish between real diamonds and YAG or other simulants; Includes 60-day money back guarantee
  • Includes one extra-large test stone surface, and one small (standard size) stone
Trusted by professionals, easy enough for beginners. Each bottle contains 1/2 fluid oz (0.5 fl oz) test acid. Test stones are brand new, and will last many uses; extra large stones measure 6 inches x 3 in.; the standard size (small) stones are 2in x 2 in. DigiWeigh 600 x 0.1g DW600BX digital pocket scale is ideal for weighing scrap jewelry, even gemstones, parts for model-building, coins, gold bars, silver ingots, small postal shipments & much more. This scale enables you to choose between four

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Instant Indian Head Cent Collection - 10 Different More Than 100 Year Old Dates

  • Instant Indian Head cent collection
  • Ten different dates
  • Conveniently and attractively packaged in a draw-string gift bag
  • Dates will range from the 1800's to the early 1900's
Ten coins from the iconic Indian Head cent series, each one a different date and all minted more than 100 years ago. Dates will generally range from 1880 through 1909 and coins will grade good or better. Picture is for reference only. The coins you receive will be similar, but not the same coins pictured.

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Up for sale is (1) MERCURY Dimes 90% Silver 1915-1945.
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