SILVER & GOLD STOP 2 Reasons NOT to BUY Precious Metals. Please pay attention to the video before you start commenting. Thanks.
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  • Harold Dumas:

    Awesome video

  • Jazzy Jeff:

    If you are looking at gold or silver as an investment, you are wasting your
    time. If you are wanting to preserve your wealth, than go with precious
    metals. Almost everyone I talk to about PRESERVING wealth in metals always
    replies with “INVESTING” in his or her sentence which drives me nuts. And
    I’m not talking to millionaires. 

  • Russell Howe:

    Well, you just gave me a reason to buy more. The more people that believe
    you and doesn’t buy will leave more for me to buy. Here is one reason why I
    do and will stay buying silver. It will always be used as an industrial
    metal and stock piles are getting smaller. I really hope that the economy
    doesn’t crash. That means more people will be buying stuff made with silver
    in it. Regardless, silver will go up in price as time goes on. That’s my

  • Mo Jo:

    Sorry, but you did not give any real “REASONS” not to buy. Listen to
    yourself. All chicken bones with no meat on it.

  • dontswin:

    Theres nothing wrong with buying rare coins if you are careful and know
    what you are doing, over time they will appreciate nicely. Today there are
    other means upon which to sell rare coins rather than walking into a coin
    dealers shop for they always want to discount when they buy from you, alot
    of them are crooks and they will always tell you ‘we gotta eat too’.
    Bullion coins are another category by themselves to me, and I don’t expect
    to get rich from them but they probably will save you purchasing power when
    they appreciate which is not the case currently as silver is WAY DOWN (for
    now), the risk here is the time factor w/volatility of the metals.

  • Saad Fansa:

    it’s good points which you mention, but still the only way to save the
    value of your extra income is in Commodity. for me just turning my extra
    money which I don’t need it for the short term into gold and
    silver, hopefully that it will save me incase of collapse…. if it’s

  • John Fenman:

    Before you buy gold or silver you should know if it is certain that there
    will be a market maker in those metals available to you. A marker maker
    maintains a small spread between buy and sell prices, but critically –
    always has a buy and sell price they will buy and sell for.
    Don’t bother checking – you do not have a market maker available to you.
    The metals you hold are unknowns subject to assay, or are coins so well
    know that they carry a premium over gold or silver price and generally do
    not require an assay. Regardless, when the price soars the kinds of places
    you buy gold from typically do not buy in the great uptick. They close
    their doors for a while. So brokers and banks and gold dealers get to sell
    their metals first. Because unlike stocks, there is no market maker
    available to the little guy. You are last in line. If the price were to
    leap up, and stay up, eventually after months you might be able to sell.
    Why do dealers pay huge bucks for tv ads to get you to from them? If
    there really were a big market maker available to you, on a given instant
    the buy and sell prices would accomodate all buyers and sellers and that
    would be that. Then lear or roslin would not need you, the exchange with
    market makers would be where they would sell or buy or place their bids.
    If the price triples, don’t think it will be easy for you to get that price
    when you wish you could sell, because you would have to convert you
    non-liquid commodities to paper to even approach anything like a liquid
    Just like a 10 million dollar picasso, you have to find the customer
    yourself. This is nothing at all like stock certificates. They are totally
    liquid and can be sold or bought in a minute.
    So know your guaranteed market maker before you buy, and test it after you
    buy by seeing if you can sell. 

  • Etienne 777:

    During the great trib gold will not profit, you wont be able to buy or sell
    without the mark of the beast. If you take the mark you are doomed. Rather
    build an underground house and stack up on food!

  • nature1upclose:

    If you had been an Argentinian in 2000 or a Mexican in the 80´s your
    destiny would had been much brighter if you had been a doom and gloomer,
    since they were the guys that not only preserve, but multiply their money
    buying gold instead of been pulverized by inflation or stolen by the
    government, as it happen to us. So, in this case, i will have to disagree
    with you.

  • downburst1:

    I decided last year to go for 10% of my non pension savings in physical
    gold. Now I had and still have serious doubts about this, but my cash
    savings getting so little, my stocks doing well I am generally thinking
    what the hell, although again I wonder if it’s mid life crisis. The amazing
    thing is it appeals to a primitive instinct I believe. All my assets are
    not tangible, the gold appeals to the fairy tale story child in me. worse
    still I just got a lot of silver even though I paid vat (sales tax)on it
    just to join in the hum I get from the “stackers” on u tube. I just want to
    say guys, the best advise is to earn more money, think perhaps how much you
    could spend on education, would that pay off more than silver or gold?
    usually does. For your own sake, no more than 10% of liquid assets in
    metals and go get a raise. Lastly, set asside money to buy, but don’t buy
    ever until it falls below let’s say $18 then buy etc.

  • MoneyBags73:

    This is one of the main reasons why I do buy gold and silver.

  • Al Rodriguez:

    Good insight. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michael Marchese:

    Good solid advice. People have no idea what awaits if the collapse happens.
    There is no amount of money to save people. Chaos and anarchy are not
    pleasant atmosphere to be in, just ask any person who survied a prison riot
    what it was like and then take that and add guns and other real weapons in
    the hannds of highly organised poeple or ruthless thugs sewn together by
    wrath. It would make mad max look like ruby and max.

  • TheGhostQuarter:

    I stack to save money and maybe make a few extra dollars when I’m done.
    Also I find that i enjoy watching my stack grow over time. It’s slow going
    but its physical money ive put back for when I need it. I agree if your
    looking for a quick flip PM’s aren’t for you at least not bullion grade if
    you want to flip id suggest maybe numismatic but id strongly suggest
    researching and learning about the market first.

    In the end, it boils down to the fact precious metals aren’t likely to
    shoot off like a rocket. Thats not to say its impossible but its not very
    likely. So stack smart and have a life. stacking isn’t a life choice.

  • MrVegiita:

    #3 reason not to buy PM. don’t buy it on credit card and pay off the
    minimum payment, assuming that the PM prices will sky rocket, or expect
    some kind of default.

  • Harry Kraus:

    Sage advice, Ed. I especially appreciated your life insurance analogy vis a
    vis hoping for a collapse.
    As Salivate metal recently said, “Silver is constant.” Wisdom such as yours
    is constant. Many silver channels have come and gone because instead of
    sharing knowledge, they shared gloomy predictions that didn’t happen-at
    least on a “timely” basis. Or worse, the enthusiasm for silver was tied
    directly to the spot price.
    Sound principles are always timely and “constant” is far more preferable
    than decline.

  • silverguy:

    I totally agree. You don’t buy insurance to get rich you buy it to protect
    yourself. And you never ever hope for hyper inflation. Belng less
    destroyed than your neighbor doesn’t mean life is going to be good it means
    its going to be horrible but a little less horrible than it may have been

  • perfectscotty:

    Do you have an opinion on peer2peer lending ? I had a lending club account
    but then read a zerohedge feature on p2p collapsing rapidly in china.

  • InFrontOfYourBack1:

    I buy and sell to pay for my investment PM buys. It’s a lot of work to
    identify the right opportunities and then capitalize on them. I’ve had a
    reasonable success rate doing this, but chasing the modern numi market can
    have its pitfalls, so I’ve looked at alt numi plays. Old coinage and notes
    have a lot of opportunity as do other collectibles. The trick is to
    identify where you can bring value to an item or identify the best deals so
    there’s margin to be made after fees. Low mintage graded coins have been a
    great play for me.

    I don’t include the work time I put in and this activity is secondary to my
    primary living expense, which is why I consider it a hobby since I can’t
    live off the proceeds.

    The best fun I have is when I convert collectable paper notes into hard
    currency. I consider it my form if alchemy.

    I haven’t sold a single oz of my long term holdings and I’ve had fun
    building out a nice collection of a few sets.

    The best advice I have is to be able to walk away from a deal if you can’t
    make easy money. Also direct messaging to sellers on the bay produce the
    best churns.

    Good luck to all. 

  • godrulztheearth:

    the people who want to see a crash basically want to see the world burn for
    it’s excesses. it’s like justice in their eyes and as long as they don’t
    have to burn as well then they are wanting it to happen. the truth is, is
    that bad things do happen to those who practice excess but I’m not their
    judge and neither am I hoping to see a financial catastrophe. if it does
    happen though I’m going to want to be protected the best I can be but it
    will take more than silver and gold to save our rear ends. make lots of
    friends with smart people, reduce or eliminate debt, buy silver, form a
    real relationship with god, and pray!

  • jdfreality:

    i get and agree with your points, too many have blindly jumped on this
    train expecting to make a short term profit precious metals is ok in long
    rukk. n as a type of wealth preservation insurance policy but don’t put
    your eggs all in one basket , its worth exploring other things as well.
    your point about alienating people is something to think about also.

  • TheLostBeliever:

    well two valid points as to why NOT to buy ANY of it including stocks, it
    boils down to this if your in it to make a quick buck and retire your a
    fool and will get burned (keep in mind that for one person to make money
    someone else has to lose it, a big part to this game rarely spoken about)
    its a game of gambles which is why they say diversify your portfolio this
    way you cant burn as rapidly and keep plugging currency into it and also
    lessens the realization of this, its like those that go to a casino to
    strike it rich they play a game make a few bucks play some more thinking
    the big one is right around the corner and end up with less then when they
    started, remember people no matter what investment you make the house
    always ALWAYS wins

  • Silver Slacker:

    One other reason to not buy gold or silver is if you have a lot of debt. It
    amazes me that people with lots of debt don’t pay off their credit card
    debt before buying the PMs. These are the same people that have to sell
    back their silver when they don’t want to because they need the money no
    matter what the current price is. 

  • Karl Ushanka:

    Reason #2: GREAT point. I’ve unsubscribed to many who seem to cheer when
    something bad happens in the world that lifts the prices of metals. Same
    for those wishing for a gold standard – not for policy reasons but out of
    greed. Metals are attractive to me because after MFglobal, Cyprus, etc.,
    I’ve lost confidence in the rule of law and the concepts of private

  • Silver NewJack:

    Great video. I’ve made similar videos in the past but you hit the nail
    right on the head. I still hate that many popular youtubers still preach
    doom and gloom. Some youtubers seem to want others to suffer just so they
    can be justified for over paying for silver.That’s sick. Who wants to live
    in a world of chaos.