Adam talks to investment guru Peter Schiff to explain the twists and turns of silver last week and how the institutional gold rush we’re seeing now will play…

25 Responses to “Silver Crash with Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals & Author”

  • La1mperium:

    $21.67 Feb 2014

  • Brandoregularo:

    America is destabilizing dictator that won’t support attacking Iran.

  • jadrews76:

    $35 oct 2012

  • Don Sanders:

    Max Kaiser claims HE caused the silver bubble to bankrupt Goldman Sachs…

  • nlucctw2:

    Silver hit $28.50 this past week. As Peter said it’s a great buying

  • inkey2:

    @SidneyBou our fiat money has been around alot more than 40 years….it’s
    been around 150 years. We started printing “green backs” during the civil

  • smashfascismnow:

    How about now? 😀

  • bolognadetector:

    When you look at a chart you have to use a logarithmic (Log Scale) chart.
    Log charts give a clearer depiction of reality because the chart is drawn
    based on % increase, not just price. A move from $25 to $50 can look
    unsustainable on a non-log chart but on a log chart it can be far more
    tame. In the video above he is using a non-log chart. If you view a 20 year
    log chart of $Silver on StockCharts you will see that silver may have a lot
    of gas left.

  • MrLivePositive8:


  • Remote Viewer 1:

    I am on your side, trust me. But silver occurs in the ground at that 16 to
    1 ratio. Silver is mined. It is not a finite resource above ground, because
    it is mined. Otherwise this would have all crashed out sometime ago. I
    stack bro. Mining operations, not as investments, but as the well
    replenishing the above ground stock of silver is a process that isn’t going
    to end anytime soon. Silvers value is it cannot be printed so it is a
    comparatively safe store of value vs. fiat currencies.

  • drchen054:

    I find the title of this video very confusing.. Is Peter saying it will

  • UponInfinity:

    @nowfabien The media is a wonderful contratian indicator.

  • MrSquirtbert1:

    IT’S BELOW $30 TODAY….Try $27.80! ….and it’s going lower!

  • VeteransAgainstKonop:

    One time I ate my neighbors shit… From his toilet.

  • natritious1:

    @TheAsfaloth it was in one of his episodes. I think it was kind of a joke.
    He got me to buy into the physical market though


    mmm real money cant be ina bubble.. only fedral reserve paper bubbles.. but
    wait the bernank says gold is not money LOOOOOOOOL!!!

  • ThePjcull:

    I bought silver again when it dropped.Started buying in september, hoping
    to buy 1000 oz in next 2 years.Hoping im not wasting my money.

  • GuntherL1:

    Yes, it went lower. Where is it now?

  • inkey2:

    @bparrish25 I agree with being self sustained and going back to the land
    but even that has potential problems. Can you imagine the prices “land”
    would reach if there was a mass exodus from the suburbs and cities into the

  • scottaedan:

    If silver was a bubble we wouldn’t continually see fucktards like this one
    calling it a bubble. How many people were running around calling housing a
    bubble in 2007? How many people are running around now calling college a
    bubble? How many people are calling the stock market a bubble?

  • 123ableTHERollyboy:

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  • healthhavencom:

    Adam proved how little he knows about Silver and Gold. Schiff rocks.

  • Frode Løken:

    There can’t be a bubble in gold/silver and currency at the same time. Look
    at history interviewer.

  • SidneyBou:


  • Rodney Leon:

    yes, please dont attempt to adulterate free-market money with the
    wretchedness of the federal reserve’s business cycles of bursting bubbles.
    I’ts sacrilegious!