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25 Responses to “REALIST NEWS – Bitcoin and Precious Metals – Gold Silver”

  • GreyKatProperties:

    Bitcoin started in 2009. You posted this video in May 2013 “No chance in
    hell that government will allow competing currency.” Well, it is now Dec.
    2014 and Bitcoin took some hits this month. However, (where
    I buy) is now accepting Bitcoin to purchase gold and silver! Mike Maloney
    is a very intelligent man. He must know something that we do not. Today 1
    Bitcoin is trading for $333.56 USD! Just giving you a bit of information
    that I found interesting. I agree with you – stick with silver! Thanks
    for you videos! 

  • Lina Oracle:

    I agree with your points, and most are valid, however, your views on
    bitcoin are skewed, Regular market data does apply to it but, currently,
    its directly related to the volume of our usd dollar falling compared to
    it, and other currencies going in to it. expect to see a stable usd/btc
    market for a bit, Bought at the crash a single bitc sold it recently, got
    5o unc silver with the profit. When including taxes later i break more than
    even. and at a higher % profit 3-5% than other fees.cheers.

  • Bookhermit:

    So long as gov controls the internet, bitcoin is vulnerable…not to
    mention random hackers…

  • jsnip4:

    Sounds like someone loss their ass on a bitcoin trade.

  • mindfrac:

    @4:30 “…that’s because gold and silver was money back then” back then?
    what are you talking about? it as always been the only real ‘money’. All he
    says is don’t use digital currency and just buy physical. which is
    pointless if you’re wanting to trade on-line. They have been saying “it’s
    only a matter of time… silver will go up 400%” for the last 2 decades….
    how long are you going to wait for ? until you’re 80yrs old for something
    that may never happen in your lifetime?

  • machinerydr:

    I agree about not putting all of your eggs in one basket so to speak but my
    wife and I have done Bitcoin with some mad money so to speak, that is after
    our gold silver and prepper resources were satisfied. Check out Clif Highs
    last few IDIR statements about it. The Chinese government has promoted and
    publicized bitcoin to its populace and Clif thinks that the Bitcoin block
    chain servers could or would be hosted in China changing everything in a
    big way.

  • Hyperborea2012:

    PM me. I think I can help. Thanks.

  • Ebacherville:

    yes you can, an exchange is where you trade dollars for bitcoins or bitcoin
    for dollars.. aka a currency exchange.. exchanges have nothing to do with
    the currency network, besides a way to change one currency to another
    currency… thus why its called a exchange. every exchange could shut down,
    and the currency would still be traded and used to buy things.

  • Steven Ison:

    jsnip is absolutely right. bit coin is amazing but in this current
    environment you can only buy it with fucked up fiat. its not ready yet. big
    gov has to fall first. i think we will all know when that happens. a whole
    lot of people on the streets thats when

  • chrisiden:

    nice video and i see silver is Up today along with gold… $50+ silver
    $2000 Gold end of year? …. hope so… 🙂

  • coinera:

    Ok. Gold and Silver are not only mesmerizingly beautiful but great assets
    for wealth retention and creation. But where I seem to disagree with you is
    on knocking people for simply wanting to diversify. Don’t put all your eggs
    in one basket. A little gold, silver, oil, other commodities and some
    cryptocurrencies just in case. 🙂

  • bigginmon:

    You don’t need any bank or any other middleman to use bitcoin. You need to
    do a little studying. All you need is another person willing to trade what
    you want for bitcoin… or willing to give you bitcoin for something they
    want. That’s the beauty of the whole cryptocurrency concept, THERE IS NO
    CENTRAL SERVER! They can’t just flip a switch and shut it down. Since I
    started collecting BTC back in the fall of last year it has crashed all the
    way from $8 to $125 where it is now. Lost my shirt!

  • yaahme:

    Hi Ho Silver…AWAY!

  • dragnet53:

    *sigh* There is also litecoins which you can transfer to either cash or
    bitcoins. It takes 45 LTC to make 1 BTC right now. I have two 5770 ATI
    cards and it takes me about a day to make 1 LTC. I already keep my CPU on
    24/7 and have my computer using water cooling tech on it. I am thinking of
    upgrading to 7790 which will cost me at 2 x 150. I am due up for an upgrade
    anyways soon. Yeah, you have to buy a lot to mine bitcoin, but there are
    other crypto currencies.

  • TejasTigre2012:

    When SHTF $128 worth of smoke or whiskey will appreciate in value a hell of
    a lot faster than $128 worth of bit-con.

  • inpuressa:

    you can’t win if you play in the same system.

  • Sidney Boudro:

    Gold did not compete with the US dollar the US dollar was worth a certain
    amount of gold 20 dollars was worth almost an ounce.. Other dollars were
    worth a certain amount of silver.7 ounces of silver was worth a dollar.

  • FoodOrFail:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but there seems to be some correlation to countries that
    try to leave the petro dollar (or resist allowing it to take hold) and the
    countries that the US invades to “bring democracy.” If the US won’t allow a
    sovereign nation to use their own currency, what chance do individuals have?

  • feud1111:

    How long are we going to have to wait Jsnip?

  • Joe Shmoe:

    To invest in Bitcoin as a trader, is understandable but to say that bitcoin
    is real money, is to be a stupid idiot!

  • JohnnyBGood11:

    good point

  • Shaun G:

    sigh, give it some months for these online exchanges to do what the US gov
    want, then all will be fine

  • NitroCharged:

    It’s not the penny that will drop – it’s the U.S. currency. That’s the
    whole point of Joe recommending buying PM’s – as a safe haven against the
    devaluing of the dollar.

  • pik1forme:

    Canada has already threatened to tax bitcoin.