Try to get your hands on old high end spark plugs. They have platinum and sometimes iridium in them.

4 Responses to “Precious Metals in Spark Plugs”

  • rceme3326:

    its a great place to go if they are new however if the plugs are used for a
    descent amount of time or the plugs were fouled the platinum or
    iridium(another precious metal) will not likely still be present i know
    with my volvo the plug were fouled and the best sign was the tips were
    toasted and oily you can clean them re-gap them and use in a ford or dodge
    but the platinum is gone

  • poosmate:

    Excellent! How do you get the platinum off?

  • Moose Scrapper:

    Yet another gem! Great info!

  • Jeff clark:

    Nice find, I have a box full that somehow never made to the trash,Thanks
    for the tip!