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1Kg 999 Silver Ohio Precious Metals Bar. OPM bars are LBMA approved. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is the international trade association that…
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19 Responses to “Precious Metals CLUB. Wealth Building Club. Buy Bullion and Coins Wholesale.”

  • Marcela Wall:

    This is a fantastic video Trudy! Always very educational, love what you are

  • Juli Becker:

    Thanks for sharing this video, Trudy! Been looking for your link…now I
    have it! Thanks so much!

  • Cindy Sutton:

    Always felt that bullion was the way to go.

  • Steve Pridgen:

    sounds good Trudy!! thanks for sharing!!

  • Victoria Thornton:

    great way to buy gold and silver and always fun to be part of a club

  • Rebecca David:

    Interesting, sounds like a great way to invest & build wealth. Thanks

  • fabiola murphy:

    If anybody is looking to join a club, I would have to say a tangible asset
    club would be the way to go ;)

  • Andy Martin:

    Great video Trudy, It’s always best if you can buy wholesale through a

  • Julie Kemeny:

    Sounds like a great club!!

  • silverhair stacker:

    Silver is silver when you buy bullion. Very nice bar for the stack! Good
    Luck and God Bless!

  • Brian TheLog:

    Smaller than i thought but beautiful non the less! I want the scottsdale
    kilo that baby looks fat!

  • silverguy:

    I would seriously consider trading a perfect finish for a better price. At
    the end of the day it’s still silver. Thanks for sharing!

  • ThesharpNshiny:

    Very nice kilo, but I agree. They went thru the whole process to make the
    face of the bar look decent, but then just left the ends all rough and
    ragged. Thanks for sharing

  • 101platayoro:

    Also Canadiansilvervein put up a similar video in Jan 13 that seems to show
    a more rectangular bar that seems to have finished edges though there is
    not a clear shot.

  • DogSoldier1973:

    No i don’t think you’re being picky! I don’t like that at all. Thanks for
    sharing ozcopper ;)

  • 101platayoro:

    Funny I have 3 of these that I bought about a year ago and all 3 have
    finished ends… Maybe someone shaved yours? Better give it a quick weigh!

  • lifelessperson1993:

    Ironically, the unfinished sides could act as a security feature of sorts,
    gives you some peace of mind that it’s unlikely that there’s a lead core et

  • Triple9Silver:

    Very nice bar there

  • Brian TheLog:

    Smaller than i thought but beautiful non the less! I want the scottsdale
    kilo that baby looks fat!