Events such as war is the #1 mover in the Precious Metals market, its never about fundamentals. Escalation in Iraq/Middle East could cause the metals market to rise at opening at 6:00 PMEST.
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  • veriappelsiini:

    I am starting to accumulate some precious metals again. I am planning to
    buy Mexican 50 Peso gold coin (I know, it is not cheap man). Think, if I
    buy 1 Mexican 50 Peso every month during the next 20 years I will have a
    nice stash of them. The gold price seem to be also more favorable since it
    has gone down from 1900 usd to 1200 usdin a few years.

  • Lucien Alacard:

    My apple stock has gone from 115 to 132
    My Qorvo has gone up over 40 % in 3 months
    You don’t get earnings with gold and silver. How much have you lost now

  • Max Friedman:

    keep your videos coming I will appreciate the time you take to do these..I
    learn a lot

  • jimmym1a1:

    what I’ll never understand is why people listen to you and think you’re
    some kind of precious metals guru that has knowledge no one else on the
    planet has, I just recently met people that really know you and I was
    really surprised at what the knew about you, you’re a Fraud and a Cheat and
    several said you’re a piece of Rat Shit

  • tuubydude:

    You have lost a lot of weight. I hope it makes you feel better. Good to
    see you making a video.

  • junkyarddog47:

    I am so happy to see you. Man I am so happy to see you again. Wow

  • Irishsilverstack:

    thanks man

  • Tarric Sookdeo:

    I used to be a muslim and let me tell you, your view of Islam is very
    accurate. They claim to be the worlds most peaceful religion when the
    punishment for leaving the faith is death. Don’t ask me how that makes
    sense… You are a smart man and I enjoy your videos!

  • daniel4619:

    Look, I just opened an Account with SilverSaver ! I will call them and
    give them your name or user name, so you can get credit for sharing them
    with me. PM me your username or First & Last name. I guess I need one of
    these , so they can identify who you are.

  • mscavsfan:

    I love to hear your point of view and opinions. I was hoping it would stay
    down until at least Christmas so I could get a little more!!

  • veritasfiles:

    You’re correct. As upset as we get about corruption, the loss of our
    rights, the decline in standards, etc… there is no comparison between the
    United States and the rest of the world. This is still the best looking
    house on the block and the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper.

  • slhines7:

    I send my very best to you and your entire family brother. Please don’t
    feel compelled to apologize for not making a video regarding the PM
    industry, especially since it’s been going sideways for quite some time
    now. Blessings and good to see you making vidz again either way.

  • metals0999:

    glad to hear your mum is doing better