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My video response to Silverfuturist’s video: Please visit his YT page, he sticks out and he is a really good advo…

30 Responses to “P2P Precious Metals Trading – (Don Harrold)”

  • DayTradeShow:

    Daniel, thanks for the interview. Always an honor.

  • AltInvestorshangout:

    Thanks for bringing on Don

  • moccina:

    I tripled my investment (all spent lol) in ’08 thanks to vision victory ‘s
    doom and gloom channel but I’ve never liked this douche don harold

  • MrAbsoluteknowledge:

    hey dan

    this old scholl good hearth duche bag dropt the ball with xbt

    maybe u can open his little mind?:)

    some u did for urself?

  • brownmonsterable:

    I heard you shot a dog you fag. Bitcoin and gold dont work.

  • 1pigslayer:

    sweet great vid!

  • MrAbsoluteknowledge:

    don louches xbt alternative:)


  • Nunya Bizniz:

    If pidpid is not decentralized and gets big enough it will draw IRS & Money
    laudering attention.

  • PoorManStand:

    Ok, Don, I’d like to get my acct verified. I clicked on the support link
    and got a Http server error. Can you help?

  • onemindonespirit:

    You went full retard…

  • nlucctw2:

    Rather convert to fiat than use Don’s site lol

  • TheDollarCrisis:

    Spotmex (Warana, Sunshine Coast Queensland and created by Stellaconcepts)
    operated in a very similar way. But it died about one year ago, shame it
    was a bloody good site.

  • pinkfloyd111:

    Well idea is awesome, but interface is horror story and until this is
    fixed, there won’t be much interest.

  • kevinsjkim:

    Good work. I would like to see bitcoin prices too for easy math purposes.

  • Nunya Bizniz:

    What happens if I trade silver for copper, mail my silver and never receive
    my copper?

  • TheDballs1977:

    hey visionvictory u were involved in the NIA pump and dump scam now u are
    getting into pidbid ? hahaha. i guess scammers never sleep. whats next ?
    working with chris duane ?

  • OakInch:

    Because buying online from strangers wasn’t shady enough, here comes DOM
    HAROLD with a new way to get scammed. People, do research on this guy.

  • DrZaius:

    Don is one of my favorite youtubers! This guy is awesome!

  • edmack4me:

    But American government then threatens the Swiss banks.

  • MrOtterdude:

    Right. Swiss banks probably are not that safe. A few of my ancestors came
    from Hitler’s turf. When the Nazis took power, my relatives buried their
    jewelry and silver ware. It didn’t make much difference, as the Nazis took
    their castle!

  • GalaticTG:

    My belief is that a safe should weigh 500 pounds to truley be secure. It
    might be easier to use a safety deposit box prefreibly one located in
    switzerland. On another note if the world goes back to a goldsilver
    standard switzerland has the highest gold per capatia in the world which
    would make it a very economicly stable country where a goldsilver
    confiscation will be less likely.

  • trilobit00:

    The higher the weight the better, however, burglers have carried away even
    heavier safes and sheer mass will not protect against the owner been forced
    to open it. Regarding Switzerland and its gold reserves. After Switzerland
    entered the IMF back in the 90ies it sold 1/3 of its gold (bylaws of the
    IMF do not allow nember states to hold gold reserves above a certain
    limit). Furthermore, a large part of the remaining gold is not stored in
    Switzerland. Thank you for commenting!

  • trilobit00:

    I do not regard the “Swiss Banks” as Swiss anyway. They are multinational
    conglomerates. UBS and CS for example are both primary dealers (market
    makers of government securities) in the US. Therefore, the US government
    does probably not really threaten “Swiss Banks” but they use them to put
    political pressure on Switzerland for other reasons.

  • MrOtterdude:

    Another thing you can do is just live in poverty like I do. I have no gold
    or silver to worry about, lol!

  • Nerfgunsandpancakes:

    well said sir

  • MrOtterdude:

    @trilobit00 I agree with you. Here in the states, we’re told to hide our
    money in Swiss bank accounts, lol!

  • AugiTheGreat1:

    Don’t let people know you have a safe ? Hide it in a place that only you
    know hide it in a safe hidden in the basement or attic under bed their are
    a million solutions keep it at a safe at work i kept a safe hiddent in the
    heating duct for a long time

  • Bob Loblaw:

    What an amazing video… A 4 minute video that answers the question by
    saying there is no answer to the question.

  • trilobit00:

    @MrOtterdude To own something precious makes one want to protect it. Be it
    gold, silver, money, or other items one is just emotionally attached to
    like e.g. something inherited from the parents. Sometimes, the latter are
    even more important not to lose than the metals.