The plated bar seems to make the magnet slide a bit slower.. However it was very minimal. Which means a small amount of platin…

6 Responses to “Neodymium Magnets React With Copper? Still Useful For Finding Precious Metals?”

  • SilverStackerHD:

    Yep, definitely some important knowledge!

  • SirWilliamDeHooton:

    The problem is both silver and copper are both diamagnetic. That is, they
    weakly REPEL the neodymium magnets. For me, this is not a good enough test
    to determine if a coin is solid silver or silver plated copper. What I am
    trying to do is put together a circuit which passes current through a
    sample coin like an ASE, and measure the electrical resistivity or
    conductivity of both a real and a plated ASE.

  • hoppingbadger:

    I suppose it reacts with any highly conductive material. Gold, silver and
    copper are respectively the most conductive materials i know. Just an idea,
    the swing of a pendulum with a Neodymium magnet should dampen out more
    quickly with silver than with copper or plated silver.

  • mcrfuse:

    Yes it’s still useful. The reason being is that Copper, silver, and gold
    all have different density. And yes copper does react the same way as gold
    and silver but if you compare the copper round to a silver round, they will
    not add up because copper is measured if AVDP ounce and silver in troy,
    they will be the exact same size but way different. So yes, I still trust
    the magnet test, because the copper will be off by a few grams. That’s why
    when you fake silver you use brass and tugsten for gold

  • greg williams:

    Wow!! Amazing video…I didn’t know the magnets reacted with the copper the
    same way as silver – Very interesting thanks mate 🙂

  • SilverStackerHD: