My silver pickups for the month of December as well as a couple rcm subscription coins. Thanks for the Likes and being a subscriber.
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6 Responses to “Monarch Precious Metals 25 oz bar”

  • ThesharpNshiny:

    That 25oz Bar is a CHUNKY BEAST! Thanks for sharing.

  • MunkeySpaz:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! The hand pours are my fav. But a 25oz is
    suuuuper nice! Awesome share! Have you emailed them about the box?

  • cdngreenthumb:

    Nice stuff!

  • Silver Slacker:

    Very cool, loving that 25 oz poured bar! Think I need to get one of those
    for myself.

  • Jay Lam:

    I love the monarch hand pours (along with the scottsdale hand pours). They
    are hard to find in Ontario, and advice? If you could possibly Message me
    the dealer’s contact info that would be amazing. 

  • canadiansilvervein: