Graded silver eagles, investing in real estate, Cowboys win!
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19 Responses to “Investing aint always about the precious metals!”

  • halfdollar1:

    You can threaten your son if he misses payments by moving +xxmobbdeepxx in
    as a roommate. Is it over in the Dallas side of the metroplex?

  • SalivateMetal:

    Congrats on helping your son get his first house and nice eagles. Go
    Browns, I mean Cowboys. lol

  • Rob in GA:

    Money well invested. You are a good dad.

  • weizenale:

    I still love my Hawks..Dallas had a good game plan and executed it. Hawks
    did not 

  • TrailerJoeHere:

    Silverhair nice video your a good man and father to your son,. Keep
    stacking and check out my vids too I would appreciate it.

  • 24K ArabiaFelix:

    Nice pickups, price is amazing!!

  • bart Silver:

    Was the sweat on the brow from normally watching the Cowboys play…and
    lose 😉 . That was a great game!

    I am playing percentages with my investments; PMs for the bad days and my
    Roth IRAs for the good days. Although this past month we did delve into
    some gems and diamonds. Trying to diversify across a broad area. Thanks for
    the vid!

  • Silver Pug:


  • Abel guy:

    That’s a very good sized house plenty of room. Good dad

  • silverflash:

    Very nice

  • BSO:

    i did same, six figures for houses to kids, wasnt a loan but a “tax free”
    gift 😉 ,like u said rather see our kin have it then feds plus you get to
    seem them happy while u still kickin and we cant take the shit with us

  • Silver Slacker:

    Buying real estate can really help your silver stack grow in the long run.
    I have actually done a couple videos on it myself that you may find
    interesting. Have renters buy you silver each month. and Strategy to Buy
    More Silver Using Rental Properties
    The properties I own now do help me buy silver. They bring in about $5,000
    a month in income. That can get you quite a bit of silver! So great job
    not only helping your son, but also on the investment.


    Sweet investment and great back yard. looks like enough privacy to do some
    nude sunbathing 😉 

  • CyberCurtainTwitcher:

    A sensible move, good to see you had a little left over to buy some silver.

  • wsully125:

    Almost gave you a thumbs down with that Cowgirls hat. But you redeemed
    yourself by showing off those Eagles! See you on Thanksgiving day :)

  • iamgogi:

    Real Estate loan to your son is better then a pile of PMs any day…I would
    do it in an instant for my kids. Very nice house, seems to be in good

  • Silverino .:

    Damm, that’s a great looking house, happy for him.

  • Stokjockey:

    Each Monster Box has a Black Sharpie Number on the outside of each Box that
    corresponds with an accounting sheet that is placed inside the box at the
    Mint when they are sealed. Once the Mint approved distributors get their
    boxes they can then send the unopened boxes directly to NGC and then this
    is how NGC verifies the number that they place on the Slab at the time of
    the grading.

  • Stokjockey:

    I see Foreclosure proceedings in your Future !!!