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  • suburban sentinel:

    I would have told FDR to piss up a rope too. They can (and probably will)
    confiscate our bank and other accounts with a few keystrokes to rescue the
    poor, downtrodden Wall Street financiers.

  • FreedomForceUSA:
  • MoneyBags73:

    Gold was the currency in 1933 and they were able to devalue the dollar by
    taking in such a large quantity of Gold. Who in the Hell has gold now! Most
    people don’t have any gold coins so it would not serve the same purpose
    this time. Great video! Totally agree.

  • GrumpSkull:

    The Government just does what it wants in the easiest way they can so
    them’s the rules.

  • DDuffeeInc:

    So you’re saying someone on YT bought silver with a credit card and do not
    pay their debts?….So I see you’re a sub to jsnip4’s channel….

    Another thing, after that microwave video you sent to us yesterday we
    deserve a video from you on why buying silver with a CC is a bad idea.
    Also, 99 needs to hear that because that is how he/she buys silver…
    go create a great day!!

  • Mike Aba:

    Levering up and going all-in for PMs is a terrible idea indeed.. unless you
    can see the near-future like some oracle, good luck hehe.. then again 2008
    did looked like the end of the system.

    Imagine the logistics in raiding every single home for gold and the
    backlash the government would receive especially people outnumbering them.

  • Mathew Titus:

    One of the BIGGESTS Myths about Gold is this: The Gold that the US got from
    Europe was from selling weapons to the Europeans. Most of the US golds was
    STOLEN from Tsar Nicholas II.

  • cosmosgato:

    Confiscation fantasies LOL
    The cold hard truth is for 90% plus of the population the only thing of
    value they possess is the luck of being born in a first world country. 

  • MegaSnowman35:

    Yes, Freedomforceusa your right on!
    Just imagine the mount of fear would ripple around the world if America
    government did such a thing in confiscating everyones gold.
    Just to add to your storm, If American government wants or needs gold it
    can just find a good place to justify a war and steal it.
    All the large gold mining companies would be another branch of the
    government, no problem.
    I could go on and I am sure you could too.

  • Leejack 27:

    Agree, the gooberment doesn’t need your gold, and in this day and age they
    could never get away with collecting it anyway. Printing money is just one
    tool in the arsenal when it comes to screwing the people.

  • Cull Silver:

    Funny, I just mentioned to a viewer that if you have to use a credit card
    you may want to reconsider if you are in the right financial status to be
    stacking and they went off on me. As for the confiscation issue, you are
    spot on. That is another absurd myth that lives within this community.
    Great vid!

  • veritasfiles:

    It’s much more likely that they would simply tax its sale heavily, but I
    certainly wouldn’t put it past the government to do any or all of those
    things in a true crisis situation.

  • Tacos Mananeros Network:

    Gotta love the ass clown pumper myths Btw happy Good Friday everyone .Oy
    Vey Ismir

  • Silver Destiny:

    I know some people who did that when silver was $45 an ounce.
    And some other people were giving advice to others which had no money to
    sale their personal belongings to buy some silver.

    That is nuts

  • Muffin Man:

    A popular thing I hear often is, “More taxpayer dollars wasted!” For a few
    months now, every time I hear that, I reply, “Well, not exactly. They’ll
    just print more money. They have no intention of ever really paying off
    that debt. They are likely past the point of no return.” I mean, look at
    what DARPA is working on… very expensive robots that will likely be used
    for war. Those are probably going to cost several million dollars apiece,
    and then a few million dollars each for maintenance. How the hell do they
    expect to pay for a million robot army? With all the income taxes from
    part time people working at Walmart? Hell no. They’ll just print more

  • pdxeddie1111:

    yes you oughta a little suspicious and paranoid of government. Government
    is FORCE but no the chances of government confiscation of gold is pretty
    low. I get weirded out more when someone in the senate suggests a sunday
    worship law. Now that is crazy but some senator did propose it.

  • Alysia and Jordan E.:

    Going door to door collecting gold? BWAHAHAHAHA! Who would volunteer for
    that job anyway? Sounds like a good way to get shot by some crazy prepper!

  • veritasfiles:

    I agree that you can’t necessarily compare the U.S. to Weimar Germany.
    However, the idea that we are going to face an extreme crisis situation in
    the relatively near future that will probably be far beyond any economic
    crisis we’ve experienced, at least since the Great Depression and possibly
    beyond, is not a radical idea at all. We are living in unprecedented times
    and under unprecedented policies. I would not be as quick to dismiss
    certain ideas that you are taking less than serious. However, I do agree
    that there isn’t any need, at this point, to assume such a crisis, will, or
    must exist in the U.S. right now or in the immediate future. I think this
    is going to play out over months, years, and possibly even a decade or
    more. I don’t think anyone can say or know that we face something imminent
    at this point.

  • Stan Smith:

    I bought a 100oz bar of silver to sell to a sucker at 40-45$ I bought the
    gold because any nation accepts it and because I was afraid when economies
    around world crashed. I’m the sucker who bought gold buying silver to sell
    to suckers now that I know how the game is played. 

  • GrumpSkull:

    Perth mint in Australia is owned by the Western Australian government. When
    you buy gold or silver off them they don’t even give you an invoice which
    you would need by the government for tax reasons later if selling it.
    Governments shit me. The people who work for them are corrupt retards.

  • Navan Johnson:

    You my friend are sadly mistaken. If the gubment wants your gold/guns/401K
    they will take it. Bottom line. 

  • Rex Argent:

    Windfall profits tax.

    And yes governments do gold.
    They can make it illegal to sell after a certain date.


  • MrShortpants0:

    The SALESMEN (bullion dealers) love to propagate the myth that the gov’t
    confiscated gold in 1933. It’s a scare tactic that often works. Rogue coin
    dealers will also say you need to buy $20 St Gaudens gold so it can’t be
    confiscated. Then they’ll point out the GOLD CONFISCATION ACT OF 1933 which
    never existed as factual. 

  • Mancunian Stacker:

    So true, they don’t need your gold but if they take the easy route and take
    your current account, pension fund and generally bail everyone in to pay
    off the national debt or just because they want to;t he little gold you do
    have becomes very valuable to you. So yeah for a small percentage of your
    portfolio have some gold. They bailed in Hungary’s private pension funds
    earlier this year. It can happen. Eggs in baskets etc 

  • GoldBones:

    Hmmmn I wouldn’t put it past the IRS turning up with a pair of pliers if
    they know you got some gold teeth.