In this video, Richard Maybury explains the do’s and don’ts of buying gold, silver, and platinum including where to buy, exactly what to buy, how much to buy…
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15 Responses to “Buying Precious Metals – Part 4 of 4”

  • whoismyfarmer:

    My local coin dealer says that numismatics are not for investment instead
    they are of collector value only and of no profit. Does he say this because
    he does not understand economics? Or is this true? OR are some select
    numismatics of real investment value, but he doesn’t have any of these?

  • GiveMeLiberty80:

    @ryanc1964….sell your bullion on ebay…or craigslist

  • shane92vc:

    Richard: Please hurry and post some more! I check every day to see if
    you’ve posted anything new. Keep up the work!

  • beswick1111:

    isnt india making a run for the exit by buying 400T of gold recently??? why
    didnt that triger a rush by china?

  • spookyfish21:

    Great set of videos! Thanks for posting, hope to see more in the near

  • Celtic Saint:

    Excellent. Thankyou.

  • ryanc1964:

    I inherited some gold and silver bullion coins in 2003. I tried to sell
    them to a coin dealer but he asked for my ss# and I asked if I’d be
    required to pay taxes on the transaction. He said ‘what do you think?’ I
    have no receipts, so I can’t calculate a capital gain. I also went to a
    pawn shop, but they wanted my photo and fingerprints. So I am ‘stuck’ with
    these coins and I don’t know what to do with them.

  • RockGod994:

    yeah you have like 1500 views but that was all me i watched this vid like
    1250 times so youd feel good about yourself

  • Lysander Sponner:

    Where can I find this Fisher Gage?

  • skip goforth:

    Richard, I love ALL of your books and videos, and I’m over 60!

  • doc7474:

    I like the candidness of the video(s). Thanks for posting.

  • Packman850:

    Good series

  • carrierpigeon:

    If you watched this video and paid attention Mr. Maybury also said
    numismatic coins are NOT for investment but rather are for collector value.
    Maybury recommends “junk silver” which consists of U.S. coins, dimes,
    quarters, and half dollars, BUT they are either worn to the point they
    don’t have any collector value or they are of such a common year, mint,
    etc., that their only value is the silver content or both of the above

  • warbuff1:

    Watched all of your 4 videos. I was thinking about buying some gold,silver
    but knew nothing about precious metals. I must say now I know a heck a lot
    more than the average person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so

  • RockGod994:

    this vid sucks. nah jk whatup bryce it B check out my channel