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50 Responses to “Book Review : Precious Metals Investing For Dummies”

  • Maestro Rose:

    10:51 that guy is Karadjordje – leader of 1st Serbian Revolution in 1804,
    and thats Jugoslavija’s currency, or Serbian currency now, but back then
    Jugoslavija was something like united countries [6 i think] and it’s
    Eastern Europe, Balkan.

  • Book Reviews by Real People:

    Precious Metals Investing For Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic
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  • Clover .:

    Great review i just bought one 

  • EmofacePS3:

    god i want one of those 10oz bars on the front of the book but i doubt i
    would ever be able to afford one

  • BeyondExcursion:

    I think I will check out this book. Thanks Jeff.

  • CrialCrial:

    Gold isn’t good to invest in as of now, the price is so inflated compared
    to 8-15 years ago. Silver is also going up to the point where it may not be
    profitable in the long run, I heard copper is the next metal that will
    increase substantially.

  • smiles12331:


  • Walter Hudson:

    Maybe do a book review on literature or something interesting.

  • Ratman Jones:

    I just bought 1 oz of silver today

  • aaronzack14:


  • Bretattech:

    Bring on the Gold-Pressed Latinum.

  • Anderson Crow:

    How much profit do you usually make with this and what’s the biggest lost
    you had in your experience?

  • William Seo:

    4 th yay

  • lyleinmb:

    Thanks Hi Gus

  • L0rd Log1c:

    Maybe he is not familiar with the “For Dummies” series of books? It does
    sound a little patronizing at first.

  • twstalder:

    You can invest in the GLD or SLV which correlates to the physical price of
    Gold/Silver. It’s less risky (IMHO) than relying on a company which can
    have “accounting” issues etc… Plus you don’t have to worry about someone
    breaking in your house since you’re not storing the physical metal.

  • zammap08:

    Ther german one isn’t from the third reich, it’s form the “Weimarer
    republic” – the years between WW1 and the nazis. government started to
    finance the debt caused by WW1 and the war reparations afterwards by
    printing money.

  • Randall Kelley:

    Jeff: I wonder if the gov’t will someday seize the peoples fortunes such as
    metals, food storage, as we see them now attempting to take our means of
    defense…I would love to see US currency backed by real gold and silver, I
    believe this would help our country greatly, etc. etc. etc….

  • BlackTransAm5688:


  • cutlerylover:

    thats the point you need money to invest in anything, say you dont have
    that much so you invest in 1 ozt, then the price goes up $5, you just made
    $5 assuming you bought and sell for spot…

  • cutlerylover:

    I have never lost, the only way to lose money is to sell for less than yuou
    bought for, metals are a long term investment, I made $2000 when I 1st
    invested thats what got me the house Im in now

  • BUCK76239:

    got any more story time vid coming up

  • BlackTransAm5688:


  • masonrox2547:

    You should really, really become an educator. You explain things extremely
    well. You make the information clear to understand, I love that. If you
    plan on going back to school, become a teacher man. We need more people
    life you.

  • mememe123xyz:

    Well the government has already made it illegal to own a certain amount of
    gold. 🙂 That ban has been lifted obviously, but it has happened within
    some folks lifetimes… not mine because I am way too young.

  • Nicole Bourbaki:

    you are right this james turk looks more and more like another fucking
    crook , storing gold with him or storing it with a bank is the same thing ,
    this james turk was calling gold $3000 for 2 / 3 years , gold in
    backwardation , jp Morgan short selling this and that all turned out to be
    hot air and hype ….

  • NoJobRob1:

    So you’re saying that someone who trades can’t also invest? Huh… that’s
    interesting. Besides, I’m not the one who bought the high and then tries to
    pass the responsibility onto someone else. THAT’S what noobs do. LOL

  • NoName NoFame:

    not waiting for doom for the sake of it. have you seen what the Fed has
    been doing for the past decade? i think the unpatriotic ones are the ones
    ruining the country – not those who are pointing out what’s going on.

  • Pinky Green:

    You got that right. These gold & silver guys are CROOKS. The silver I bot 2
    yrs. ago @ $42.oo, ain’t worth sh*t.

  • MegaMrPunch:

    Depends when you bought bud. Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you.

  • lifelessperson1993:

    the vaults are meant for singaporeans, not for international customers

  • ytgv3fc7:

    what Karen was doing was wasting time with idiots talking about numismatic
    value of super-rare and pretty colorized silver coins all the while
    ignoring tons of research showing that “numismatic” value has no value
    premium in a sharply rising metals market due to high inflation. People
    want the atoms not the pretty paint on it & no one cares about “only 1000
    ever made” proofs. No one fucking cares. That’s why that paltalk group
    died, the idiots probably went broke with their nonsense.

  • NoName NoFame:

    i hope u didn’t buy any. are u unloading?

  • James W Preston:

    Good to see Singapore storage is now an option. I trust y’all at GoldMoney.

  • NoJobRob1:

    LOL If you’ve been stacking for so long then your average price should be
    quite low, and hence, no reason to get all menstrual about it.

  • ytgv3fc7:

    Here’s what’s coming next: silver to 73 or so and gold to 2400 (could be
    2500) 2013 Sep. Get ready then for a drop down to only 2000/gold and silver
    will drop with it : a scatterplot is needed to figure out how much it
    drops. I’d guess to 50 from 75 peak. That’s a year out. Right now: (gold /
    1274) to power 2.31 x 17 = silver +/- 55 cents/ounce If you want to break
    even and lose out sell it all now. Silver & gold are DECADE holdings
    over-all. SHORT-Term is paper

  • Maverick Syst:

    “ Gold is the money of Kings; Silver is the money of Gentlemen; Barter is
    the money of peasants; but DEBT is the money of SLAVES ” . ~ Norm Franz ~
    thanks for the info tamkin riaa london

  • bossduff:

    I’ll give U $15 an ounce, I just can’t stand to see you suffering with all
    that GARBAGE in hand.

  • boohoo746:

    Why fifteen USD? You can get it even cheaper by just offering the guy some
    fresh sh*t, as per his own assessment of the relative values.

  • longgowhereto:

    This is how I would like to see my president: Honest, serious and with the
    message how to save myself.

  • ytgv3fc7:

    holy, Karen, you’ve had lots of chances to sell silver in the mean time at
    that peak & also to buy GLD puts or GLD calls & there were plenty of
    chances. AAPL is garbage, it’s crashing & burning. This IS an investment>
    time frame far more than 2 years. Far more. Decades if need be. Short-term
    trading is what you’re after. Options is what you’re looking for & shorting
    on margin. Not owning. AAPL shareholders WRITE PUTS AND CALLS to get income.

  • TheAppreciative1:

    Looks like James Turk is beating the gold-drum again! Did you know
    1-pysical ounce of Platinum takes rough 5months to produce for every
    10,000tonnes of platinum ore garde. In addition the earth total mined
    platinum averages to only “130-Tonnes” produced each year! In todays’ ratio
    for every 14 ounces gold mined it equals 1-ounce of platinum. todays’ price
    of platinum should equal $24,150″ not $1,630.

  • Pinky Green:

    Right. I have a bunch of Silver I bought @ $42. I’ve been holding this
    GARBAGE for two years. What a bunch of sh*t.

  • lifelessperson1993:

    I was talking about a deflationary scenario where, for some reason, the
    purchasing power of the dollar went up. Paper moves up and down, SIlver and
    gold go nowhere which is why it is money per excellence, overvaluation and
    undervaluations are normal but increases and decreases in price by leaps
    and bounds is not… there’s a fine line between the two. There really is
    such a thing as organic inflation but is countered by organic deflation
    just as quickly…

  • Jelle Bosmans:

    The paper money did not inrease in value, you won’t be able to buy twice as
    much with your paper now then you did back than. The marked is being
    manipulated, banks, governments ( exept china ) don’t want you to hold gold.

  • ArgentPure:

    You’re an idiot and have absolutely no understanding of gold and silver!
    Keep your “money” in currency and let me know how that is working for you
    in five years!

  • ytgv3fc7:

    Yup. They had no interest in real bullion investing. Bullionbugs is better
    but we get side-tracked VERY easily. ADD or something 😀

  • Dylan Dog:

    all your charts end at 2010 or 2011 , why you do not tell us what happened
    in 2012 ?????

  • NoJobRob1:

    Next time don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you fucking retard. rofl.
    What a noob!

  • davematherly:

    ha ha! You weren’t in the game when we had a good 18mo of Ag trying to
    break 22!! I bought at 15 – 20, that whole time. Slowed down nearly to a
    halt when it hit 30. :^P you must’ve been waiting for the mania. HA