(A Better Life Product- Collectible Series) 600 Count Assortment 2x2 Coin Flip Cardboard 2x2 Holders - 100 Each of 6 Sizes (200 Penny & Dime+100 Nickle+100 Quarter+100 Half Dollar+100 Large Dollar)

  • ***BUYER ALERT** Buy original =A Better Life Product Collectible Coin flip Do not buy fake items from other sellers. FAST ONE DAY PRIORITY SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PENNY & Dime (200, 20mm) + NICKEL(100. 21mm)+QUARTER(100, 23mm)+HALF DOLLAR(100,31mm )+LARGE DOLLAR(100, 40mm)
  • 600 PCS ASSORTED 2X2 CARDBOARD COIN FLIP Plus Bonus Random 10 Count Flip
  • If you are a serious coin collector or coin dealer buy in bulk and save!!!
  • Coin Flips are the standard in the coin industry for long term storage, protection, and display of your cherished collectible coins.
For a great low price you will receive a full bulk case of 610 cardboard flips protectors for "PENNY & Dime(200) + NICKEL(100)+QUARTER(100)+HALF DOLLAR(100)+LARGE DOLLAR(100)" . Long term protection from toning and ware of coins is essential for maintaining the value of your coin collection. Coin flips are the most cost efficient way to achieve this protection, and beautifully display your coins for viewing.

List Price: $ 29.95 Price: $ 21.95

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